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Syrian regime confiscates Ghreiwati Family Assets

Business | 2017-10-12 01:53:11
Syrian regime confiscates Ghreiwati Family Assets
(Zaman Al Wasl)- Syrian Minister of Finance has seized the “movable and immovable property” of 11 members of the Ghreiwati family that led the business and finance in Syria for decades. 

Zaman al-Wasl reviewed a copy of the decision which was signed on the same day that an order was issued to the General Intelligence (Branch 285) giving the branch the final approval to seize the Ghreiwati family properties. 

The move comes as an attack on an illustrious wealthy Damascene family. 
The decision included Zuhair Ghreiwati’s five children: Imad (the eldest and most famous), Issam, Hana, Bashar, and Mohammad. It included Sabriya al-Saman, the Ghreiwati brothers’ mother. Bushra al-Olabi, Imad’s wife, and their four children were also included in the decree although two of their children (Faisal and Hamza) are still minors. 

The decision to confiscate the Ghreiwati family finances came two weeks after the regime website circulated news about the Emirati authorities seizing the property and finances of businessman Imad Ghreiwati in the UAE. 

Imad has been living in Dubai for several years after leaving Syria following his resignation in 2012 from his position as the head of the Federation of Syrian Industrial Federation and the Damascus Chamber of Industry. Imad has not made any official comments or statements that oppose the regime or support the revolution. 

No official documents identify the extent of the Ghreiwati family’s money and properties in Syria and abroad. However, there are data and estimates that the family owns a giant business and industrial empire embodied in a series of car agencies (Kia, Land Rover, Ford ...), electronics and household goods agencies (Most famously LG), other than shares and partnerships in factories, banks and various companies. Rami Makhlouf famously has shares in many of their factories and companies which means that the Ghreiwati family and Imad specifically were Makhlouf’s partners.  

According to the leaked intelligence archive, the regime issued several arrest warrants against Imad and Mohammed Ghreiwati which means the regime placed them on its blacklist of traitors and those who have earned the regime’s wrath.

Zaman Al Wasl
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