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Aleppo: Al-Hamza rebel group hands over Military College to interim government

(Zaman Al Wasl)- Al-Hamza rebel group on Wednesday has handed over the Military College to the opposition's interim government in northern Aleppo province.

Head of the Political Bureau of Al-Hamzah Division, Mohamed al-Abdullah said the move was an urgent necessity in order to put it in the service of the National Army project.

The event took a place during a military ceremony attended by the Prime Minister Jawad Abu Hatab, Deputy Defense Minister Colonel Abdul Jabbar Al-Akeidi and military and revolutionary figures in the rebel-held areas in Aleppo.
Last September, more than 45 rebel factions agreed to create a single "national army" to unify the fractured opposition movement.

The idea was proposed by the interim government and by the Syrian Islamic Council (SIC), a body of Syrian Muslim clerics established in 2014 in Turkey.

Zaman A Wasl
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