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ISIL tortured to death Ahrar Al Sham commander in Aleppo

Dr. Hussein Suleiman (R)

Dr. Hussein Suleiman (Abu Rayan), a commander from Ahrar Ashaam, has been killed after he was arrested by ISIL on December, in the town of Makanah in the eastern countryside of Aleppo, Ahrar Al Sham media center reported.

Ahrar Al Sham's media office reports that Abu Rayan along with 20 fighters from Ahrar Ashaam were captured by ISIL when clashes broke out between the two groups.

The reasons behind their fighting, according to Ahrar Al sham, started after ISIL, without obvious reasons, attacked one of their checkpoints and killed 6 fighters of Ahrar Ashaam.

After a prisoner exchange agreement between the two sides on Tuesday, ISIL handed over the body of Abu Rayan, who has been executed by firing squad.

Dr. Abu Rayan was a top commander of Ahrar Ashaam in the border town of Tel Abiyad in Ar Raqqah province.  

A graphic photograph of the doctor, before and after his death, has been posted on Twitter. (with Agencies)

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