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Rebels of al-Dumayr refuse evacuation, demand release of detainees

(Zaman Al Wasl)- The negotiation committee of Al-Dumayr town in eastern Qalmoun has met with the regime’s counterpart on Monday as Damascus eyes on the eastern territory of the capital to be freed of rebel groups, activists told Zaman al-Wasl.

Al-Dumayr’s rebels who involved in the Russian-brokered talks have refused to leave their desert town, assuring on their role in fighting Daesh in the Badia and along the border with Iraq.

They demand to solve the file of the army’s defectors to avoid any future reprisals as well as they seek the release of the detainees.

The town of Al-Dumayr enjoys a significant importance for the Assad regime where most of the army bases are located around the town besides the Interstate Highway that connects Damascus with Baghdad and eastern Syria.

The town was out of bombing or any military campaign since the local rebel groups reach unspoken ceasefire deal with the regime army 5 years ago. 

Rebels of Eastern Qalamoun may face the same fate of their fellows in Eastern Ghouta as regime threatens of ferocious offensive to uproot rebels who decline to accept its three choices.

In the nearby town of Qalamoun, the Russian mediator delivered a letter to the negotiation committee of al-Naseriyah urging rebels to lay down arms or agree on the evacuation, otherwise they will face a relentless war.

The meeting in al-Naseriyah town carried more worries to rebels and residents of the Qalamoun region that lies between Damascus and Homs provinces.

So far, rebels have not expressed readiness to lay down their arms and leave Qalamoun but the deadliest offensive on Eastern Ghouta that killed 1600 people was a warning signal to rebels operating around the capital.


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