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Assad plans to seize new ground in Damascus suburbs under Law 10

(Zaman Al Wasl)- The Syrian regime announced that it had received offers from UAE and Jordanian real estate companies for implementation of several projects in Darayya, the western suburb of Damascus in accordance with the real estate Law No. 10, which legally allows for the reconstruction projects, and which has been criticized as an attempt to displace refugees. 

Al-Watan, a pro-regime newspaper, quoted the Governor of Damascus countryside, Alaa Munir Ibrahim, saying that the study aims to "provide alternative housing for citizens whose houses have been badly damaged and cannot return to it."

He considered that the issue of "development is at the expense of real estate developers with whom we will communicate to do this work."

Ibrahim announced offers from some UAE and Jordanian companies as well as Syrian companies to develop real estate areas, including "providing alternative housing for those whose homes have been damaged."

"There are two-story buildings in some slum areas, the developer is given a organizational study of the area of about six or seven floors, thus, benefiting from the difference of floors with the provision of alternative housing for the people."

Ibrahim claimed that "people returned to most regions except for the areas where houses are completely destroyed," noting that there is a study in accordance with Law 10 on real estate development of Daraya. Currently, it has been proposed to the executive office and if approved, the study will be announced. If rejected, the study will be re-formulated after the residents of the area are informed.

Ibrahim highlighted the preparation of proposals that shall be submitted to the Reconstruction Committee to determine the priorities of the province, revealing that it needs 15 billion, ass assessed by municipalities.

Ibrahim explained that the Reconstruction Committee sets these priorities, adding that, "Currently we need 2 billion SYP ($4 million dollars) to terminate old contracts before balancing the amount indicated, especially since there are many contracts with public sector companies for the removal of rubble and the opening of roads, like in Ain al-Fijah, Harasta, Duma and other areas.

Ibrahim pointed out that many of the rubble of the demolished houses in Harasta, Yalda and Babbila had been removed, and that work will begin in Al-Hajer al-Aswad area soon. A number of contracts have already been signed in  Ain Al Faija, worth about 700 million SYP ($1.4 million), while contracts worth 400 million (around $800 thousand) have been executed in the same area.

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