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Tarek Haddad, Syrian model of success in Canada

 Tarek Haddad, who got a chance of a program of special care provided by Canada to refugees, is another Syrian honored the image of a successful refugee, which is often expressed in the Western dictionary as “integration”.

According to the  L’Express, the 27-year-old has escaped the Syrian war in 2012 to Lebanon, where he did not want to show only the war-weary victim and help other Syrians by voluntary activities.
Afterwards, Haddad family (9 members) went to Canada after three years of living in refugee camps.
Actually the community in Nova Scotia received them.
Today, thanks to the care and motivation programs that give the refugee benefits to work in Canada, Haddad family now has two companies, of which Tarek directed.
The company provides the highest number of jobs.
Haddad family succeeded in chocolate business and the establishment of a company called “Peace through Chocolate”, as the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau pointed at their project on the UN summits.
In 2015, Trudeau pledged to receive 25,000 Syrian refugees from Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey.
Canada said it has fulfilled its promise. Half of this number has benefited from the special care program, including Tarek Haddad, who began a tour of Europe this month to tell his success story.
He traveled to the Canadian Embassy in Paris on 22 May to speak at an official event, which is the 40th anniversary of the launch of refugee care programs in Canada.

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