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Over 600 Palestinian refugees tortured to death in Syrian prisons

DETAINEES | 2019-06-29 15:18:18
Over 600 Palestinian refugees tortured to death in Syrian prisons
Action Group For Palestinians Of Syria (AGPS) documented the death of 606 Palestinian refugees under torture in Syrian regime prisons since the outburst of the bloody warfare.

80 Palestinian refugees from Syria were pronounced dead in 2018 alone, up from 13 refugees in 2017. 77 victims were identified through pictures leaked from Syrian state prisons.

Field reporters believe the real numbers to be far higher due to the government’s reticence to reveal the names and fates of Palestinian detainees’ and the families’ fears to disclose their relatives’ names over retaliation concerns.

The list of victims includes activists, volunteers, medics, engineers, academics, journalists, university students, and artists.

According to data by AGPS, 1,758 Palestinian refugees, among them children, women and elderly refugees, have been enduring unknown fates in Syrian government lock-ups. Toddlers clinging to their mothers’ arms have also been spotted in Syrian jails.

According to affidavits by ex-detainees, Palestinian refugees have been subjected to harsh psycho-physical torture tactics in Syrian penitentiaries, including electric shocks, heavy beating using iron sticks, and sexual abuse.

AGPS continues to urge the Syrian authorities to disclose the condition and whereabouts of Palestinian refugees held in its penitentiaries.

AGPS believes that such practices represent flagrant violations of international law which criminalizes all forms of torture and mistreatment against civilians.


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