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Syrian child who lost an eye in Beirut explosion needs surgery

Sama Al-Hamad, 6, a little Syrian girl who appeared in a video surfaced by activists innocently asking for her eye back, which she lost in the Beirut explosion on August 4.

Sama fled northern Aleppo after the Islamic State took control and came to live with her father in Mar Mikhael, Beirut, when she was one year old.

Her father, Makhoul Al-Hamad sought refuge in Lebanon in 1995, and chose to live in Mar Mikhael thinking that it was the “safest place in Lebanon.”

During the explosion, Sama was near a window and shards of glass came flying into her eyes, tearing the retina of her left eye.

Doctors who treated her say that her eye needs surgical intervention outside Lebanon, which Sama’s father is unable afford.

With a painful expression he says, “I wish that all the pain people had suffered was mine to bear, and no harm had come to my Sama.”

From the roof of her house overlooking the port of Beirut, Sama sits to look on the aftermath of the destruction with one eye, as she echoes, “I want my eye.”

Zaman Al Wasl
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