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Afrin security seizes 128,000 Captagon drug pills: statement

(Zaman Al Wasl)- The General Security in Turkish-held Afrin city in northwestern Syria has seized 128,000 pills of the drug Captagon, said in a statement issued Monday.

The Anti-Drug and Smuggling said Tuesday that the drug pills were hidden inside Olive containers equipped for exportation to Saudi Arabia.

The seizure of the drug Captagon reveals the scale of illegal drug production in Syria as both the Syrian regime and Lebanese militia Hezbollah deny involvement in the drugs trade.

According to the police statement, the seized quantities were intended for smuggling to Saudi Arabia through one of the shipping offices in the region, while 4 people were arrested, without mentioning any additional details about the identities of the detainees or the source of the drugs.

The amphetamine, Captagon is used recreationally across the Middle East but is also taken by fighters who say it gives them a feeling of invincibility on the frontlines.

Turkey’s military backed by opposition forces seized Afrin, a mainly Kurdish district, from the YPG in March 2018 in a major offensive.

Afrin suffers from a state of insecurity and chaos of weapons proliferation, as the border city frequently witnesses assassinations and kidnappings to blackmail the kidnapped, in addition to car and motorcycle explosions. 

Zaman Al Wasl
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