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Fuel crisis worsening in Syria regime areas

Syria's fuel crisis has deepened in the areas under the regime's control resulting in long queues of vehicles at petrol stations.

Local media yesterday quoted sources as saying the halt of fuel supply from the areas controlled by the Kurdish Peoples' Protection Unit (YPG) to the Syrian regime-controlled areas had "deepened the country's fuel crisis."

The sources added that this began "two weeks ago due to public debt accumulation, as well as the US pressure on the YPG to stop oil trade with the regime."

According to the so-called "Caesar Syria Civilian Protection Act", which was signed into law by former US President Donald Trump, oil and gas organisations who work on production with the Assad regime, face sanctions by Washington.

In addition to this, reports yesterday revealed that a shipment of 3.5 million barrels of oil sent by Iran was delayed as a result of the blockage at Egypt's Suez Canal last week.

Middle East Monitor
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