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Germany: Syrian Refugee repairs wind turbines

Muohsien Alhamada (32) klettert gut gesichert den Turm des Übungswindrads hinauf. Der 2015 aus Syrien geflüchtete Agrarwirt hat erfolgreich eine Umschulung zum Industrieelektriker in der Windkraft gemacht Foto: Stephan Schuetze

(Bild) Essen - He has a dizzying job: Muohsien Alhamada (32) repairs and maintains wind turbines. In 2015 the farmer fled Syria. He found a new home in the Ruhr area and wants to aim high in the future!

For safety reasons, wind turbines are only climbed in a team. Muhosien has already climbed out of the opening flap. He is followed by the KWS safety officer Dennis Dähne (36)  Photo: Stephan Schuetze

"Mu" successfully took part in the "Empower Refugees" project run by "KWS Energy Knowledge" in Essen. The training and further education center for the energy industry, together with partners, trains refugees to become industrial electricians for wind energy. He recently received his IHK certificate with eleven other refugees.

Christian Jaffke (57) heads the “Empower Refugees” project at KWS Energy Knowledge eG in Essen. Twelve participants finally passed the test  (Photo: Stephan Schuetze)

Project manager Christian Jaffke (57): “The first retraining course for refugees started in 2018. There has been a shortage of young talent in the industry for many years. ”What is special about the three-stage program, including a German course and safety training, is that there are job guarantees right from the start!

Muohsien Alhamada studied agriculture in his home country of Syria. In 2015 he fled to Germany. He really enjoys his new job. (Photo: Stephan Schuetze)

However, the conditions are tough. Jaffke: “The main criterion is that people have a head for heights. 40 percent of the applicants reject it straight away. "

Fortunately, Muohsien is not afraid of heights. During his internship, he worked at heights of up to 144 meters. What "Mu" appreciates (in addition to the magnificent view): "I am in a different place almost every week, so I get to know Germany."

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