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Anti-Assad Alawites call for brave and fearless commander

Colonel. Suhail al-Hassan


(Zaman Alwasl)- Social media can tell more about Bashar al-Assad’s popularity that sharply on decline amid his supporters, seems to reach momentum by a demand by some to replace him by one of his brutal commanders.

Cyber activists from Assad’s Alawite sect said that Colonel Suhail al-Hassan, who leads the military operations in Hama province is the suitable man to inherit Assad, Syria in need for a strong leader , brave and fearless.

Veteran British Journalist, Robert Fisk, praised once al-Hassan achievements in full report, calling him 'Tiger', saying that he refused to get any merits or to get a new promotion to be a brigadier.

 Pro-regime activists’ rage has been sparking through social media, turning their anger on Assad as the radical Islamic State group reflects humiliating defeats on armed forces east Syria.

The execution of scores of Syrian soldiers taken captive by IS  at an air base in Raqqa province has triggered unusually harsh social media criticism of the Damascus government by people who have taken its side in the civil war, Reuters said.

Footage subsequently released on YouTube and broadcast by Arab news channels showed Islamic State fighters executing scores of Syrian soldiers after forcing them to march in the desert in nothing but their underwear.

 Ahmed al-Ahmed, Syrian writer from the Alawite sect, said on Facebook, “for who we should die, our sons are not puppets and they are not for sale or slaughter.” 

Alawites are worried by both Islamic State and recent attempts by al Qaeda's Syrian arm, the Nusra Front, to advance closer to their areas, said an anti-Assad Alawite who lives near the coast, speaking via Skype to Reuters.

"The Alawite community is afraid. People here are angry. They're upset that the government abandoned those soldiers. They are also worried now that the battles are coming so close," Reuters quoted an activist spoke on condition of anonymity because of fears for his safety.

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