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ISIS kills 3 regime forces in Palmyra desert

Three Syrian regime soldiers were killed on Thursday in an ambush by the "Islamic State" group that targeted a military vehicle in the Palmyra desert in central Syria.
Informed sources told Zaman al-Wasl that "three forces were killed at dawn on Thursday, and two others were seriously wounded near the Al-Bayarat area of the Palmyra desert in the eastern countryside of Homs."
In response, the Russian warplanes carried out about 50 air raids targeting the pockets of ISIS in the Athriya desert and Khanasser area in the eastern countryside of Hama and southern Aleppo.
No casualties were reported.
Despite the fall of ISIS's "caliphate" in 2019, the group continues to launch deadly attacks from hideouts in the Syrian desert, which extends from the outskirts of the capital Damascus to the Iraqi border.

Syria’s conflict began in March 2011 and has killed nearly half a million people and displaced half the country’s pre-war population of 23 million.

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