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Syrian mother fears deportation from Turkey as no work permit

A Syrian mother appealed to the Turkish authorities not to deport her to Syria and to keep her away from her child who holds Turkish citizenship because she did not obtain a work permit as a makeup artist.

The refugee "Rania Sharkas" appeared in a video circulated on social media, while she was cuddling her five-year-old child, and she said that she is of Syrian nationality, while her child, "Amir", holds Turkish citizenship and retains custody of him because she is divorced, and she was threatened with deportation because of a work permit, as she said, knowing that she is entering She has been to Turkey since 2015 and respects the laws of the country and has many friendships with the Turkish people. Her mother is Turkish, and she is of Turkish origin as well.

Sharkas added that it was unfair for her to be deported from the country that her grandparents once defended, simply because she does not have a work permit. 

During the past two weeks, she tried to knock on many doors to find someone to help her, but to no avail and she did not find anyone beside her.

She mentioned that there are cases similar to hers, and Sharkas wondered: Am I deprived of any right because the father of the child is Turkish to the point that I will be deported and deported from him?

And she added: "Whoever accepts that a mother separates from her son for the sake of a work permit, adding: "Amir and I have tormented us a lot, so do not distance us from each other."

Last April, the Turkish Ministry of the Interior issued a decision stipulating the deportation of violating foreign workers who do not have a work permit from Turkey, including Syrians, and the decision stipulated that “every foreigner working in Turkey without a work permit shall be deported outside the country” and “every foreigner who works without a work permit.” Work permit, the employer is fined 26,000 TL ($1586), and according to the same decision, the foreign worker is also fined 6,421 TL ($390).

Turkey already hosts some 3.7 million Syrian refugees, the largest refugee population in the world, and Erdogan said it was taking steps with some difficulty to prevent another wave from crossing its border.

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