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Palestinian refugee tortured to death in Saydnaya military prison: Monitor

A Palestinian refugee died under torture in the prisons of the Syrian regime, the Action Group for the Palestinians of Syria said. 

It quoted one of those released in May 2022 as confirming the death of Fadi Omar Aziri, of the "Jdeidet Artouz" area in the countryside of Damascus, and who worked in the field of repairing wheels, stressing that this happened in the "Saydnaya" military prison of the Syrian regime in the countryside of Damascus.  

The rights group indicated that the number of Palestinian detainees in Syrian prisons amounted to more than two thousand refugees, while the number of Palestinian refugees who died under torture in Syrian prisons reached 644 people.

​​Syria’s uprising turned into a civil war that started in 2011 that killed hundreds of thousands and displaced half the country’s pre-war population of 23 million. More than 80% of Syrians now live in poverty, leaving much of the population dependent on humanitarian assistance.

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