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"Tadamon neighborhood from establishment to massacre: rights report monitors violations

The Action Group for the Palestinians of Syria issued an investigative report that monitors the most prominent events and violations in the Al-Tadamon neighborhood in southern Damascus and the conditions of the Palestinian refugees from the neighborhood.

The 93-page AGPS report, titled “The Damascene Al-Tadamon Neighborhood from Establishment to the Massacre”, reviews the conditions of the Palestinian refugees in the Al-Tadamon neighborhood during the period from March 2011 until the end of 2022.

Beginning with the first demonstration that took place against the Syrian authorities, leading to the displacement of northern Syria and the return of the entire neighborhood to the control of the Syrian regime in 2018, and the subsequent return of some displaced families to the neighborhood.

The report also monitors the most prominent security and military events during that period, and presents a set of statistics concerning the victims, detainees, and missing Palestinians from Al-Tadamon neighborhood and Yarmouk camp who were subjected to kidnapping and enforced disappearance in this neighborhood.

The report singles out a chapter that talks about the loyal militias in the Al-Tadamon neighborhood (Nisreen Street Militia - National Defense), the beginning of their formation, and the relationship of these militias with the regime, the Palestinian groups loyal to the regime, and the people, in addition to their practices in the Yarmouk camp.

The report also documents arrests and field executions carried out by the Nasreen Street militias, which claimed the lives of hundreds of civilians from the neighborhood and surrounding areas. It also mentions the Al-Tadamon massacre revealed by the Guardian

The report also reveals detention and torture centers in the Al-Tadamon neighborhood, and the report lists testimonies of some residents about the violations. that occurred in the region during the control of those militias.

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