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At Least 223 Arbitrary Arrests documented in August, Including 14 children and 17 Women

The Hague (SNHR)– The Syrian Network for Human Rights (SNHR) documented in August 223 arbitrary arrest, the rights monitoribnf said in a monthly report.

The arrests including 14 children and 17 women. 

The 30-page report revealed that most of the arrests taking place in Syria are carried out without any judicial warrant being presented while the victims are passing through checkpoints or during raids, with the security forces of the regime’s four main intelligence services usually responsible for these extra-judicial detentions. 

The report documents at least 223 arbitrary arrests/detentions in August 2023, including of 14 children and 17 women (adult female), with 183 of these cases subsequently categorized as enforced disappearances, at the hands of the parties to the conflict and the controlling forces in Syria. Of the 223 cases, 121 were carried out at the hands of Syrian regime forces, and included one child and 13 women, while the SDF arrested 42 individuals, including 11 children and one woman. The report also reveals that HTS arrested 32 individuals, including of one child and one woman, while all armed opposition factions/SNA arrested 28 individuals, including of one child and two women.

SNHR  noted that all the amnesty decrees issued by the Syrian regime have led to the release of no more than 7,351 arbitrarily arrested detainees in total, while the Syrian regime is still holding approximately 135,253 detainee/forcibly disappeared persons. 

As such, it is clear that amnesty decrees only lead to the release of a very limited number of detainees, while arbitrary arrests continue to be carried out in a systematic and widespread manner, with the regime still carrying out these arbitrary arrests and enforced disappearances regardless of any amnesty decrees it may issue.

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