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Storms affect 22 camps in northern Syria

The Syria Response Coordinators team confirmed that the rainstorm that struck areas of northwestern Syria affected the camps for displaced people in the region, with damage expanding from previous rainfalls.

In its report, the team recorded damage in more than 22 camps in various areas of northern Syria, most notably the areas of the northern Aleppo countryside, and areas of the Idlib countryside. 41 tents were completely damaged, rainwater entered 57 other tents, and partial damage to 56 other tents.

The number of individuals affected by the recent storms during the last hours reached more than 6,893 people.

The recent rainfall caused water floods and road outages inside and outside the camps, with great difficulties in draining water due to the absence of rain drainage in all the camps.

The relief group indicated that work is continuing to count the damage resulting from the recent rainfall in the rest of the regions and to sort the current damage from the previous damage.

A number of residential blocks and caravans were also damaged after rainwater entered them, which were previously built to transport displaced persons from tents and provide them with stability.

The field teams of the "Syrian Response Coordinators" conducted a preliminary assessment of the most prominent current needs that must be provided urgently and immediately in the camps and affected gatherings in the areas of northwestern Syria, which are considered as emergency solutions only, and were summarized as follows: "Providing rain and floor insulation to the camps to prevent rain from falling and entering the tents." “And work to dry the lands within the camps and gatherings and withdraw the water immediately and put it into the riverbeds and valleys immediately and not wait until it dries naturally.”

As the conflict, now in its 13th year, reached a stalemate, the Syrian government reclaimed large swathes of lost territory with the help of its key allies in Russia and Iran in recent years.

The U.N. estimates that some 300,000 civilians died during the first decade of the uprising, while half of the pre-war population of 23 million were displaced.

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