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54 hostages by rebels for over 17 months in Latakia: exclusive video

(Zaman Al Wasl-Exclusive)- An exclusive video obtained by Zaman al-Wasl showed 54 hostages, including women and children, were held captive by rebels in Latakia countryside for over 17 months.

The hostages accused Bashar al-Assad regime of ignoring their fate as rebels have been looking for a prisoner-exchange.

The video, which was recorded on December 16 2014, showed 54 people mostly women and children said to be families of fighters loyal to Assad regime in Latakia countryside.

Early August 2013, rebels had stormed predominantly Alawite villages in the mountainous countryside of Assad hometown of Latakia, arresting 94 people.

Since then, rebels have demanded regime to make a swap deal to release Syrian women and children who caught and held in Assad's Intelligence Agency and centers. But the demands have been faced by Assad’s indifference and apathy, according to Fedaa Majzoub who has been accepted by rebels to bring the humanitarian tragedy to an end.

In May 2014, only 40 hostages were released in swap deal when regime agreed to break the siege on 2000 people in the Old City of Homs.

Majzoub told Zaman al-Wasl that regime officials intend to halt the negations, giving a blind eye to the suffering of captive children and women.

 The negotiator, also, has condemned regime's policy, saying the total neglect reflects one of the reason stands behind ripping the Syrian society and enhancing the cleavage.

Majzoub said many intentional organizations tried to intermediate to solve the case but Assad made no response and even did not name a representative.

 “I hope regime will stop making made-up stories to the hostages’ relatives such as fabricated lies and fake promises,” he added. 

Majzoub wished and called rebels to free the hostages without an exchange deal as a goodwill gesture towards society not regime.

The Syrian crisis began nearly four years ago with an uprising against Bashar al-Assad and then turned into a civil war. So far, 220,000 people have been killed.

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