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Alloush authorizes opposition to deliver rebels' demands for ceasefire

(Zaman Al Wasl)- Zahran Alloush, Islam Army’s commander, in phone call with Syrian opposition figure, said he would authorize the National Coalition to deliver demands of Eastern Ghouta district to Arab League and the United Nations in order to halt any further rocket attack on Damascus.

A well-informed source said the new proposal by Alloush is to authorize key opposition group to deliver rebels' demands to Basher al-Assad's regime via Arab or International mediators to reach a settlement halts the aerial bombardment on the embattled suburbs and opens humanitarian corridors for aid and food.

Alloush said the lead time will be 48 hours to hear an answer for the demands, otherwise he will pound regime’s strongholds again by 1000 rockets, he vowed. The source says rebels want to hear directly from Khaled Khoja, Coalition’s leader.

For a week, Assad's air force has extended its intense aerial campaign against rebel-held towns of Ghouta, mainly Douma, conducting a series of airstrikes that killed at least 300 people and turned entire neighborhoods to rubble, activists said.

Pro-Assad activists say the gruesome revenge of Eastern Ghouta suburbs is a response to 300-rocket attack by key Islamist group which killed 10 people last Thursday.

Islam Army was formed by a merger of rebel factions in 2013 and has received backing from Saudi Arabia.

Syria's conflict, now in its fourth year, has killed more than 220,000 people and caused millions to flee.


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