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Nusra executes former commander in Syria's Revolutionaries Front: activists

Photo: agencies


(Zaman Al Wals)- Al-Qaeda Syria's wing, the Nusra Front, has executed former commander in Syria's Revolutionaries Front rival group on Saturday in the rebel-held town of Sarmada near the Turkish border, activists told Zaman al-Wasl.  

Fadi Mousa, one of (SRF) senior military commanders, was arrested by The hardline group in Sarmada town in Idlib countryside days ago during a visit to his family

  Al-Nusra did not confirm the news of the execution so far  

Last November, Nusra Front achieved a massive victory by defeating the (SRF) and the Hazzm movement, two of the strongest moderate armed groups backed by US.  

The story of SRF came to an end when its leader Jamal Maarouf  showed in YouTube video  in November 2015 explaining that he ordered the retreat of his fighters from their bases in the town of Deir Sonbol in order to "prevent the shedding of more bloodshed".  

According to BBC, It was notable that the US has not tried to save the SRF despite the fact that its warplanes have not left the Syrian skies, helping the Kurds in their fight against IS in Kobani 

The Nusra Front, with help from smaller jihadist groups, has managed to seize the majority of the towns and villages south, west and east of the city of Idlib, while the city itself is still under the control of the regime.  


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