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Sniper kills Palestinian women tried to get 'food basket' in Yarmouk camp

Features | 2015-03-21 00:00:00
 Sniper kills Palestinian women tried to get 'food basket'  in Yarmouk camp

(Translation by Yusra Ahmed)

Sarah Odeh, a-25-year-old Palestinian lady died as a result of a sniper’s shot in Yarmouk camp for Palestinian Refugees in Damascus, to follow her “virtual husband” and buried next to him. Sarah’s story is not less touching than fiction’s love story we read in books, it shows the amount of love and sacrifices people can show and give despite the spiteful siege and war they live under in Syria.

Sarah left to Bulgaria after Yarmouk camp’s siege while her fiancé Alaa stayed in Yarmouk, but after his death in 28th January 2014, Sarah insisted on coming back to Yarmouk to visit her “virtual Husband’s” grave, after his death as a result of shelling by Syrian regime’s forces, to follow his brother Jihad.

Sarah and Alaa got married virtually via Skype call, but unfortunately they did not have a chance to live together as a husband and wife for even one day, relatives mentioned.

Sarah suffered a lot to enter Yarmouk camp after her return from Bulgaria to visit her husband’s grave, and stayed their till 19th March 2015, when she was a victim of malicious bullet sent from cruel sniper of Syrian regime.

According to witnesses, Sarah was trying to get her food basket from UNRWA, when chaos among women took place, which help the sniper to take a chance to shot them. “Sarah received a bullet in her chest, to cause her internal bleeding and died afterward” the witness mentioned. Sarah wished in one of her skype call to be buried next to her husband, it seems her wish has been fulfilled” a relative mentioned in pain.

It is estimated that 2698 Palestinians were killed during the war in Syria, among of them 300 women, 25 of them were killed under torture.

Zaman Al Wasl
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