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    Story Behind the Story: Lma Shammas, Zaman Alwasl reporter tells her story with FSA Battalion

    Zaman Alwasl | 2013-06-20 00:00:00
    Story Behind the Story: Lma Shammas, Zaman Alwasl reporter tells her story with FSA Battalion


    Story Behind the Story, Lma Shammas, Zaman Alwasl reporter tells what behind her interview with one of  the FSA Battalions in the eastern Ghouta.
    I planned to interview them without any prior preparations, as if its coincidence in the street. Therefore I did not listen to the activist advice who took me to their stronghold in the Eastern Ghouta, Damascus suburbs, so he was surprised when I told him that I am ready to visit the battalion, al-Bara'a, without wearing scarf or Hijab, as the activist wished. I said I will be as I am without a veil on my head,'' if we are seeking new Syria all of us have to accept each other as we are. ''So, you have to expect the worst, activist said.

    As we arrived, we were hosts of The Battalion commander, I felt comfortable, although most of the battalion members had long beards long hair, I couldn't assume that was for pure Islamic purposes when all fighters can have time to take care of appearance or look. They were so gentle; I didn't feel I'm stranger or unwelcome.
     ''It is impossible to descend in civil war as the sectarian regime wants; it's not our nature as Syrians.''  Bara'a commander said.

    When I asked the battalion commander for a message directed to minorities, he astonished my question, saying: "Any minorities? There are no minorities in Syria, we are one people," He added: Assad will fall down and will give up fighting   where the Syrian people will decide their own fate. He denied the rumors about the desire of some battalions to establish an Islamic state.

    Free Syrian Army was born form womb of Syrian crisis, therefore FSA is not seeking for any political merits or ranks, the idea of an Islamic state is existed for some Islamic groups but can't be achieved, what we need to do now is to to defeat the Assad. Most of FSA are moderate despite some practices of individuals but we can circulate that to say FSA is Islamic or Bad.

     The Assad regime keep looming of Islam danger, we know that he is the supplier of Islamic terrorism all Syrians know.
    The soldiers I met were so optimistic, open minded, some of them were highly educated, and they were diverse from all sects within the Alawites. They ask all Regime army to join them the rebellion until victory or martyrdom.

    Editing by Mohamed Hamdan

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