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Assad militias use cluster arms, U.S. ammunition: document

Translation by yusra Ahmed

A formal document has shown the type and source of arms and ammunition used by the Syrian regime and its militias, surprisingly, some of sources were from so called conspiring alliance against Syria.

the document confirmed that national Defence forces (NDF) and other pro-regime militias used arms and ammunition made in Germany, USA and Egypt, as well as Russia and China. Even after two and a half years from the beginning of the revolution despite the Western economic sanction.

The document has been leaked from the office of National Defence Forces (NDF)- Latakia branch, which detailed types and source of munitions, like German bullets (9mm), Chinese Cluster rockets type (9-M-21) and many types of American bullets and Egyptian RPG-7.

The document confirmed that regime owned cluster arms, which is considered the most important point, and gave that kind of destructive arms to its sectarian militias.

Rocket (9-M-21) has many forms and its effects varies according to the ammunition it is provided with, some of them can reach beyond 70 km, and can be more destructive it was fit with cluster arms, as their shrapnel can make lots of damage.

 Eliot Higgins , known as Brown Moses, international activist and expert in arms, confirmed that Syrian regime had used cluster bombs against many Syrian cities, by analysing photos surfaced on the internet.

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