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Intelligence doc shows how even people's breath is counted

 (Zaman Al Wasl)- َLeaked intelligence documents obtained by Zaman al-Wasl showed that the Syrian officials and workers in sensitive positions were under a very tight scrutiny as the data collected about them includes even the silly details about their close life and inner circle.

The Syrian security services know what the person does not know about himself, an intelligence source told Zaman al-Wasl.

They know your close and far friends, tendencies, new and old phone numbers that you have forgotten, the content of the calls, the price of your home or the rent you are paying, the salary and compensation, the places you moved to, the average people you met once outside the country, the source said.
The 7-page booklet includes several sheets, starting with the personal identity, personal status, health status, current housing, work, educational level, qualifications, parties and organizations to which the employee belongs, places of travel, legal status, transactions, relationships, friends and acquaintances, family and relatives, and a summary of each person's life.
A file belonging to a 3-month-old female employee at the Atomic Energy Commission submits a high level of scrutiny to the point of violating the privacy of her life and the life of her family.

The identity of the father and mother, the national number, the personal status register, the original and acquired nationality, and other details are mentioned in the personal identity card. However, this does not stop at this point, where personal character and character, And religious commitment, as the document mentions that the employee "go to the church on Sunday," but does not deal with "alcohol and drugs," The margin of the enclosure in this box questions about whether the person suffers a psychological contract or that he lies, or that it is introverted or social, Whether he likes chatter, as well as his personal ambitions and hobbies.

In 2015, Zaman al-Wasl obtained the regime's intelligence archive that includes 1.7 million documents.

The leaked archive contains records from the beginning of 2015 includes people from more than 150 nations not just Syrians. It dates back to the 1960s. 

The iron rule of the Assad family, including father and son, made maintaining security services a top priority in order to watch Syrians and foreigners alike, according to NDR.

Another document picks up information about someone who says he performs the prayers (prayer), but he drank alcohol before but does not hesitate to the bars.

 The details go so far as to determine the price of the house or rent if rented, and its location is classified as a "sensitive security zone" or a regulatory area.

The document also specifies the new place of work for those who left the Commission, the details of the job, the size of the monthly wage, and the transfer to indicate party affiliation, tendencies towards opposition or support, party parties and political figures to which they tend.

 It is interesting to note that the intelligence services of the regime not only record the destinations to which the person traveled, but also whether they have intentions to travel abroad or to travel to embassies, and what country they intend to travel to. The duration of travel and its purposes, and the accompanying persons. One of the items analyzed indicates that the owner intends to travel to an Arab country that has been identified by name.

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