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Reem and 17 family members still in Assad prison

Features | 2015-07-06 00:00:00
Reem and 17 family members still in Assad prison
(Faris al-Rifai; Translation by Yusra Ahmed)

Reem, a 14-year-old girl was detained in med 2014 by Syrian regime under terrorism claims with 17 family members, including her mother, father and a 10-year-old brother.

Reem and her mother, sisters and brother were arrested in government-held suburbs of Aleppo were planning to buy clothes and visit some relatives after leaving  rebel-held neighborhood of Sheikh Maksoud, former prisoner reported to Zaman al-Wasl.

The former prisoner who was detained with the mother refused to tell her name, said that Reem was transferred with her mother and father to the criminal branch in Aleppo, where she witnessed torture of her father and mother, which caused her fear and stress.

“sometimes Reem cried of hunger as there was nothing to eat apart from potatoes and groats, and many times the jailers used her as a mean to pressurize her parents to confess of things they had not done.

When the family was transferred to Damascus, Reem was separated from her family and put in a juveniles’ prison although she was less than 13 years old. Her brother Khalifa, less than 10 years old, was transferred to Adra prison with his father.

“The mother used to have panic attacks and severe stress when she remember her children and was not able to know their fate” the former prisoner said.

The prisoner explained that the Reem’s mother requested from the prisoner officer to let her daughter come to the women prison, but her request was rejected. Moreover, she appealed to release Reem, but her application was refused without any explanation.

“Reem’s mother used to make a phone call every two week from a public phone in the prison with her children and reem, but after each call she used to get stressed, once we heard Reem shouting and crying saying: “please mum, take me with you, I want to go out”
The Syrian Network for human Rights’ report “ Children of Syria, a lost dream” published in 2014, mentioned that number of detained children in regime’s prisons reached to 9500 one, while there are more than 1600 children forcefully disappeared, while 7% of all victims in Syria are children, which is very high rate and indicates targeting civilians.

Syria's conflict has turned more than 3 million people into refugees -- almost a fifth of the pre-war population. Turkey shelters 1.8 million Syrian refugees, meaning it has overtaken Pakistan to become the world's leading host of refugees.
Zaman Al Wasl
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