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Syrian regime is a terror factory produces fanatics, loyal jihadism

Islam and Jihad | 2015-12-02 13:10:07
Syrian regime is a terror factory produces fanatics, loyal jihadism
Writing by Ethar Abdul Haq; Translation by Yusra Ahmed

(Zaman Al WAsl)- Whenever the name of Abu al-Qaqa’ or “Mahmoud al-Aghasi” is mentioned, I remember my meeting with him about 12 years ago in one of the Arabic Capitals he used to visit to give a speech to supporters, as one of my relatives suggested meeting that “unique” Sheikh.

The first thing struck my eyes was the Sheikh’s height as he was very tall as well as having long beard. He spoke in excellent formal Arabic language rich in religious and Sharea words. The meeting lasted for an hour and when I finished and took some pictures.

The article found no place for publication and I kept the interview and pictures of me with Abu al-Qaqa’ in my office.

After a year and a half, one of my colleagues saw the pictures and he was shocked and angrily asked me about the way I met with that agent of Syrian intelligence and he told me about his involvement in recruiting youths in Syria and the Gulf and send them to Iraq, then he reported them to the intelligence in different countries. My colleague who was expert in Jihadists activities told me that once Abu al-Qaqa sent a van full of 30 young enthusiasts for jihad to Iraq and when they entered the country he reported their location to the Americans in Iraq which managed to hit the van with a rocket to kill all.

In 2007, Abu al-Qaqa was assassinated in public in front of a mosque he gave a speech in. Most news agencies tried to explain the way of killing a Jihadist in that weight, but the fact is that the age of intelligence agents is related to the job they do, and it finishes when they bring no more benefit.

Assad al-Halabi, the director of pirates of Syrian Revolution Team managed to extract very important and serious piece of information, which one of the largest Arabic TV channel failed to do when it aired a special report about Abu al-Qaqa few days ago.

He explained to Zaman Al Wasl that he managed to recognize the character of Ahmed Sadiq Haider and his Facebook account via cross-linking the number that was shown at the bottom of versions of Ghuraba al-Sham, the media arm that holds the recording and marketing of Abu al-Qaqa, as a phone number was provided for those wishing to communicate with Ghuraba al-Sham to provide them with what they need.

By doing that cross-linking, it was turned out that "Ahmed Sadiq Haider", the close accompanist for Abu al-Qaqa, the famous Jihadist symbol, is now a military correspondent to the Syrian regime, and close to its officers and criminals like Colonel Suheil Hassan, Major General Munther Zamam, manager of Kwers Airport and Air Force Academy, Mufti Ahmad Hassoun, and Mohammed Saeed, al-Quds Brigade militia leader and other local commanders and leaders in Aleppo, all this information is documented in pictures on Ahmed Sadiq’s facebook page.

Assad al-Halabi explained that it easy to prove that "Ahmed Sadiq", the regime’s military correspondent and intelligence agent, is the same person under the name of "Ahmed Sadiq Haider", the media responsible for "Abu al-Qaqa" and his long and close accompanist, as it cannot happen by chance for two persons to have the same link to the same phone number with the same name.

Zaman Al Wasl wanted to check the information, therefore, I have in person contacted Ahmad Sadiq via Watsapp, he first refused to speak via voice because he does not answer numbers from outside Syria, but he tried hard to know who I was or what my identity was, especially when he was reminded of his work with Abu al-Qaqa. Only moments after my conversation with Ahmed Sadiq, he took off his profile picture which showed him with Colonel Suheil Hassan Nimr. "Zaman Al Wasl" keeps a photo of the conversation with Ahmed Sadiq.

In summary evidences about Abu al-Qaqa, the Symbol of Jihad for some people, indicate that either he was an “intruder" and he was a member of the Syrian intelligence, or he was breached by the Syrian intelligence, both suggestion have evidences to support. But for long, information about Abu al-Qaqa will keep appearing to show more about his activities and his supporters.

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