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ISIS reveal images of latest execution and punishments including caning and amputations in Syria

Pictured: A harrowing image showing a man hanging off the edge of a tall building before being dropped to his death for supposedly performing homosexual acts

(The Daily MAil)- ISIS have released pictures showing the medieval punishments their members inflict on people living under their control in the Syrian capital of Damascus. 

In one particularly harrowing image, a man can be seen hanging off the edge of a tall building before being dropped to his death for the 'crime' of homosexuality. 

In another picture, a man can be seen blindfolded while sitting down in a street after having his hand chopped off for the crime of theft. 

Men wearing green clothes - who appear to be medically trained - are shown bandaging the stump where the man's hand once was as onlookers stand by. 

Another man is shown being whipped in a busy street after being accused of simply smoking a cigarette, which is forbidden within the barbarous Islamic State. 

Other residents cycle past as the ISIS enforcer delivers the draconian punishment.

A man accused of apostatising - leaving the religion of Islam - is shown being shot in the back of the head by an ISIS enforcer. 

Children are among the crowd looking on in the background as he is executed in the street.

A less shocking photograph shows a group of ISIS policemen patrolling a marketplace to ensure products on sale are acceptable to the caliphate and chiding men who have dared to shave their beards.           

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