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Devastating Aleppo in pictures by Zaman Alwasl

 Zaman Alwasl visited Salah al-Din neighborhood in Aleppo where its camera had documented the large scale of destruction by intensive shelling of Assad forces.

According to the recent pictures of our newspaper's correspondent to the neighborhood, showed that almost all buildings in famous “Alshariya” street were destroyed, event the sanctity of the mosque did not protect it from getting bombed. Destruction reached the neighborhood medical centre as well. In both Al-Dawar and al-Mostawsaf streets, lot of barricades piled up and most building around were severely destructed. In general, Salah Al-Den neighborhood lost its unique atmosphere, where famous "Abu Kassim" barbecue restaurant became a shelter for stray cats and dogs. Moreover, no one dare to enter “Happy family” market as it has been a target for snipers and many of its shops were destroyed, added out correspondent.

Jabal al-Sheikh and al-Qunaiterah Schools, those were the main schools in the neighborhood, were destroyed and out of service now, our correspondent reported.

It is worth mentioning that Salah al-Din district was one of the most populated areas in Aleppo and its population reached to 800 thousand according to semi-official census before the military action that started more than a year ago, but now, almost all people have left the area and only a handful families stayed in.


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