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Dalal, Lebanese Shiite woman, voices support to Syrian Revolution from Hezbollah stronghold

By Faris al Rifai; Translation by Yusra Ahmed

(Zaman Al Wasl)- “With all these crimes committed against Syrian people, I was not able to keep silent any longer and decided to face
this a huge octopus (Hezbollah)," Dalal, the Lebanese Shiite woman said.
“ The Free Shiite Woman”, as she likes to be named, is planning to make  a documentary reveals  what Hezbollah party is trying had to hide.

Dalal Zinedine, married of a Syrian man, lived in Jouret Shiah neighbourhood in Homs in the beginning of the revolution before moving to her hometown in the Bent Jbeil, she witnessed sniping the Syrian security forces committed on peaceful demonstrators and since then she adopted an attitude supportive to the revolution since then but kept it hide fear on her life and safety of her family. She revealed that she witnessed the Clock massacre in Homs as she was one of the protesters there.

About her motivation to support the Syrian revolution and openly announcing her defection from supporting Hezbollah, she explained: "how would I not support the revolution that I was a witness on, and because of position of my house in Jouret Shiah near the barrier of Matahin and the Mosque of Khaled Ibn Al-Walid I witnessed many sniping murders by Syrian security against peaceful demonstrations” She explained that one day a wounded fell in front of her house and his family were not able to help him because of sniping and then he died while we were looking at him from the window.

"I can not reveal detailed about the war I lived in Syria and Lebanon because I am working on a documentary in which I would reveal everything, but the map that emerged Nasrallah in his latest speech provoked me, as Iran cannot be in the heart of Palestine, it is enough that they controlled Syria, Lebanon and Iraq, if we kept silent about this photo, we will relinquish Palestine to Nasrallah and Iran”.

In regard to reactions she faced from her surrounding community as a result of her brave attitude, she explained that some of her brothers disowned her because their children are fighting in Syria with Hezbollah and others of them ignore the matter. She continued saying: "When the party in South Lebanon demanded my sons to vote for Bashar al-Assad in recent elections and they refused, it was beginning of the battle”.

"Om Aldawaesh” that what Hezbollah's supporters used to call her. Moreover, they even monitored her family’s cell phones and inspected their car more frequently, and the family became under close surveillance by the party.

The” Free Shiite Woman” explained that aid for Syrians was cut-off her family although it was the responsibility municipality of Bent Jbeil, but Hezbollah controlled the matter, but she explained that matter was the minor sort of annoying.

Our speaker revealed that she had left the south about a year ago because of the pressure, annoying and racism of Hezbollah and she had two option either to obey Hezbollah or to leave the area and support the Syrian revolution. "I have chosen to fight Hezbollah with the weapons that scares it not with its weapons that intimidate others”.

About fear of Hezbollah for her attitude, she said that she faced the party in its own community base, now nothing would scare her, otherwise she would have not published her real name and photo. “All what I care about is supporting the Syrian revolution and people who I lived with, and they were like my family.”

She mentioned that almost all people in South Lebanon support Hezbollah, even women who are married of Syrians, she added that women have sent their sons to fight with Hezbollah in Syria, but in general there is suspension about the existence of Syrians in the south and the party does not trust Syrians.

In regard to the role of religious clerics in fuelling conflict between Shiites and Sunnis, she explained that she feels disgusted from inciting any religious group to kill people of other groups who disagree with them especially Shiite clerics. "one day we Shiites would bite our fingers regretting how we let down the Syrians like we did to al-Hussein before, but that day would come when we return to our mind, but then I am not sure if the Syrian people would forgive us”.

Dalal Zinedine has a son who defected from al-Assad's army and joined rebels of Northern Homs and works with them as media activist. She added that she sent him a message summarizing her attitude from the Syrian Revolution and Hezbollah and Zaman Al Wasl exclusively has a copy of it.

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