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Zaman Al Wasl obtains names of ISIS fighters, nationalities and jihadi backgrounds

(Zaman Al Wasl- Exclusive)- Zaman Al Wasl has exclusively obtained 2000 documents which include the real names of ISIS fighters and their jihadi backgrounds, nationalities and hometown addresses.

The leaked documents, which will be published very soon, is due to shed the light on the inner circle of the de facto a state that has its own institutions and official documents.

The most notably that ISIS fighters do not know the real names of their fellow fighters since they used to have code names, or names de guerre, and for security issues they have been obliged to follow high ranks of secrecy.

The documents have been written and organized by the General Administration of Borders, and ISIS commission that tracks all Jihadists data.

The data document is including 23 fields, starting with the Jihadist's first name, last name, code name, date of birth and nationality. The jihadist who cross the the Islamic State's borders for the first time is ought to acknowledge the Borders Administration everything about himself, even what he wants to be in ISIS, a fighter or a suicide bomber.

The document is similar to the intelligence data form that should include everything about the jihadist. All activists he did, countries he visited, professions he served.

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