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Electricity bills to increase in Syria amid People's suffering

 Regime government intended to increase the electricity price for Syrian cosutumers  for the third time amid claims that the increase would not affect the lowest class consumers.

The Assad government also discussed a decision to raise tariffs for subscribers for tension 0.4 kilo volt, which used for commercial, industrial and other purposes, by average 100%.

The severity of the economic crisis is increasing in Syria, and is now clearer than ever before, with scarcity of basic material like food, medicine and children milk, fuel, electricity and drinkable water.

 Electricity problem in Syria is one of the biggest, where it is not available in lots of areas, and it kept cut off in other areas for more than 20 hours a day, so that people have forgotten things like televisions, fridges and washing machines.

Experts explain the problem with low production as a result of infrastructure destruction that regime has caused, besides the size of corruption which led to raise costs.

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