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Palmyra artifacts damaged, destroyed and robbed, exclusive photos show

#ISIS Leaks | 2016-03-25 18:01:23
Palmyra artifacts damaged, destroyed and robbed, exclusive photos show
(Zaman Al Wasl)- Smell of death twinges, carry your pick and follow the smell to dig a grave for a civilization that taught humanity the meaning of miracle when it made from it and for it a special kingdom in the middle of the desert.

As a journalist, I am supposed to present the Palmyra profile which is documented by thousands of high resolution modern and exclusive pictures of the city. I am supposed to start with a news piece or an opening to inform audience of the ‘contents’. It would show the importance of this file and the shock it might cause around the world as the audience sees their legacy collapsing by thieves and demagogic from all over the world.

I was supposed to follow my journalistic streak, but Palmyra and pictures of Palmyra overcame me. Palmyra the place that renders history in its hands and school is being violated against by those who came from outside history and challenged humanity together while exchanging roles of destruction by theft, destruction, and trading, and ignorants who do not have an idea what they are stepping on.

The Palmyra we know is not Palmyra anymore to say the least given the pictures and reports. Humanity does not imagine a world without Paris, London or New York. It even cannot imagine Paris without Eiffel, or London without Big Ben. This humanity has to envision a world without Palmyra if its conscious allowed it. You can imagine the form of this world.

I was stubbornly arguing that Palmyra is able to challenge the lowest of thieves and the most barbaric creatures. It will induce terror in hearts as they touch it. But I was deceived. It was a mirage. The only picture revealed is a scene for a nation of history and ruins standing by itself underground and over ground and was thrown for a long time in neglect before barbarism laid hands on it by picks, shells, and hammers breaking, grubbing and shelling.

Palmyra was never Syrian except for its geographical location. This city and since its birth was a common property of humanity because it summarized history of human civilization, human arts, and humans’ passion for creativity. Palmyra the destroyed city today along with its ruins is still a common human property and saving what is left of Palmyra is a common human responsibility.

We will reveal thousands of pictures very soon. We will tell tens of witnesses, and publish what we can of official reports through ‘Zaman al-Wasl’ which will present extremely bitter file to the whole world. Yes, mortality is hard and bitter. Maybe absolute bitterness and worst death is the death of the great dying a low death with low hands.

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