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Kidnapped Sky News, Orient reporters are held by ISIS: documents

#ISIS Leaks | 2016-04-11 12:58:36
Kidnapped Sky News, Orient reporters are held by ISIS: documents

(Zaman Al Wasl)- Zaman al-Wasl obtained documents that demonstrate it is likely the Mauritanian journalist Ishaq Mukhtar, Sky News Arabia correspondent and other journalists are detained in an Isis prison.

Documents show the name and description of the identity of security personnel and prison officer in Isis prison in which the detainee Ishaq Mukhtar who disappeared since October 2013 with his friend photographer in Sky News TV channel the Lebanese Sameer Kasab and a Syrian car driver are detained. They disappeared while on a journalist mission in Aleppo, according to Sky News channel.

Zaman al-Wasl after investigating its big archive of Isis documents, it identified the identity of investigators and direct officers of the prison where the journalists are detained as well as the names of security personnel who kidnapped them in Aleppo and they are from different nationalities.

A very valuable document indicates that the Mauritanian journalist and TV broadcaster in Aleppo channel, and journalist working for Orient are detained in three individual cells. The documents did not mention what happened to them.

The information points out it is likely the Orient journalist in Isis prison is Obaida Batal since he disappeared in similar circumstances to those of Sky News team.

Syrian Centre of Journalistic Freedoms affiliated to Syrian Journalists Association said that Obaida Batal disappeared with a team and broadcasting car they were taking on a journalist mission on 25 July 2013. There were no other information regarding the issue.

The documents revealed that Abu Muhammed al-Faransi- most likely of Moroccan origins living in France- is responsible for the prison in which the journalists are detained.

Al-Faransi is supervised by Abu Obaida al-Maghrebi which rumors said he was executed on treason charges but Zaman al-Wasl source shows otherwise.

The documents say Abu Obaida al-Maghrebi occupies the General Intelligence position in Isis. It is the apparatus responsible for prisons and detention centers. Any detention process is based on reports and information collected by agents and personnel in Isis controlled regions.
More information is in the piece below and it is from a report written by ex-prisoner (Salafist) detained at Isis. The report is classified as confidential to the body it is affiliated with.

Documents reveal other names amongst them is investigator Abu Haidar who torture the prisoners. He is a Syrian national and was detained by FSA. The documents say it is probable he was killed. There is also the name of Abu Maryam al-Iraqi, another investigator in Isis.

The documents are dated back to end of 2014. They overlap with one witness of one of the detained journalists that goes back to one of ex-prisoners at Isis Ibrahim al-Shumari, soccer player of al-Futuwa Soccer club.

Al-Shumari said after he was released on 10 February 2015, there was a journalist who might be Mauritanian and other 11 prisoners in al-Aykarshi prison east of Raqqa.

The documents are a first evidence from inside Isis to the presence of journalist Ishaq Mukhtar and other journalists who disappeared.

Zaman al-Wasl found other forms for Abu Muhammed al-Faransi and Abu Obaida al-Maghrebi with same titles but different names of nationalities and it is why Zaman al-Wasl postponed publishing the forms.

(Writing by Ali Eid; Translation by Rana Abdul)

To view Zaman's documents  Here


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