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Personal guard of Azerbaijan President joined ISIS in 2014: document

#ISIS Leaks | 2016-04-14 12:46:11
Personal guard of Azerbaijan President joined ISIS in 2014: document
   Azerbaijan President Ilaham Heydar Aliyev

Writing by Ethar Abdulhaq

(Zaman Al Wasl)- An exceptional document in the special archive proves that one of the personal guards of Azerbaijan President Ilaham Heydar Aliyev joined Isis in a batch of 400 fighters who joined Isis in 2014. They were incorporated in a camp for military training.

The name of the personal guard was found in an electronic document as an excel file which Zaman al-Wasl obtained exclusively. Zaman al-Wasl reviewed and investigated the data.

The electronic document under the title “Camp data” is a file allocated to talk about specialties of brothers in the camp- the batch of Ramadan month.

The document includes data of 368 persons who joined Isis and focuses on qualification and profession, general expertise, and languages as well as a field allocated for military expertise of the member if found.

In addition, there are fields for the virtual name, social status, country, age and other exceptional data that is not found in other documents like health condition if the member has any disease or injuries.

The document sheds light on what we mentioned in previous reports about Isis advanced classification and selection process in which abilities, skills, expertise of the new members are documented to incorporate the member in the suitable specialty.

Zaman al-Wasl in this report will only mention the data of the personal guard of the Azerbaijan president as it was written in the document. Another detailed report will follow regarding the content of the electronic document.


The document says the member called Abu Muhammed is from Azerbaijan, 26, married with one child, his health condition is good.

In the profession field, he is a personal guard of the president, speaks little English.

The document reveals in the military field that the personal guard of Azerbaijan president has served in the military of his country with the rank of an officer for one and a half years.

The notice field is empty. Often, the notice field proposes the best specialty in which the member is to be recruited either by his desire or expertise.

Overlap with Jihadist data

Since the electronic document does not mention the full name of the fighter, but only mentions his last name, Zaman al-Wasl reinvestigated Jihadist data documents to find any overlap in information of Abu Muhammed.

Zaman al-Wasl found that the man has entered Syria and recorded his data at the General borders administration affiliated with Isis- it equals immigration office- and it receives persons who want to join Isis and records their initial data in a unified sample under the name Jihadist data. The sample includes 23 fields.

Interestingly, in Jihadist data, there is the phrase “none” in the profession field of Abu Muhammed recorded data. We do not know why it is not mentioned that he is the personal guard of Azerbaijan president while recording his data at the border administration whereas it is written in the profession field in the data form was taken in the military camp prior to his entrance into the training camp.

It seems that Abu Muhammed did not provide all of his information at the beginning out of preservation and security reasons since Jihadist data document does mention if he was single or married and does not have any contact information. It is written that he does not want to contact anyone.

Jihadist data includes information of his real name (Zaman al-Wasl concealed it), mother’s name (Zaman al-Wasl concealed it), address information, entrance cross point (Jarabuls) and middleman (through Abu Muhammed al-Shimali), person who recommended him (Khalid al-Azeri), date of entrance (10 Ramadan1435 equals 8 July 2014).

He was recommended by Ameer al-Ra’ee. It should be noted that Jihadist data document says Abu Muhammed was born in 1985, so he was 29 when he was recruited whereas the electronic document says he is 26. It might be a typo as we found typos are common in Isis documents.

Also, the archive shows two other persons with the title of Abu Muhammed al-Azeri, but their information does not overlap with the electronic document.

Zaman al-Wasl huge archive of Isis documents reveal tens of fighters who joined Isis from Azerbaijan, one of Caucasus republics which was under Soviet Union before it gained independence. The president Haydar Aleef was succeeded by his son Ilham Aleef since 2003.

The Azeri occupy high positions in Isis such as Khalid al-Azeri who assumed the post of Emir al-Ra’ee. Al-Ra’ee is a strategic town in northern countryside of Aleppo and he is the same emir who recommended the personal guard of the Azeri president.

There is also Emir Muhammed al-Azeri whose name is repeated in the “exit leaves." Zaman al-Wasl owns hundreds of exit leaves and working on their classification and investigation to release more reports.

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