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High-profile fighters joined ISIS army, made advances: leaked data shows

Writing by Ethar Abdul Haq

(Zaman Al Wasl)- A new leaked document issued by Isis has has revealed more personal data of hundreds of fighters who joined a military training camp during the month of Ramadan in June, 2014. The document outlines their specializations, qualifications, their general and military experience, and the languages they speak.

The electronic document which includes detailed information about 368 fighters was entitled “Camp Database” and was part of a file speaking about “the specialization of the brothers present in the camp- the class of month of Ramadan.”

The document that Zaman al-Wasl obtained is part of a massive archive about Isis, and it gives a preliminary image of Isis as resembling a massive universal corporation that traverses borders and specializations, it draws its “employees” from various countries, and different work domains to merge them in one entity serving Isis which presents itself as the “Caliphate State”.

-Linguistic and Mathematical Skills-

In addition to specializations that appear ordinary such as trade, truck driving, sewing, cooking, other specializations draw attention, such as the Norwegian, called Abu Amir al-Russi, specializations as it appears he is a helicopter driver and sniper, with the note in the category “General Experience and Languages” that this member speaks English, Russian, Norwegian and some Arabic.

Regarding Laith Abu Jihad al-Tunisi who lived in Canada for three years, the document clarifies that he is specialized in electro-mechanics (Electro-mechanical engineering), he studied and trained as an airplane mechanic for 11 months, and he mastered various martial arts. The document notes that Laith speaks 5 languages which are: French, English, Spanish, German and Russia.

Abu Hamzeh al-Tamimi, another Tunisian who joined Isis and the military training camp in Ramadan 1435, according to the document’s data he holds a masters in administrative science, and speaks French, German and English.

The document reveals that Abu Mohammad al-Shami, an Egyptian 33-year-old, holds a specialization as a data analyst. Abu Ismail al-Indonesi (62 years of age) worked as an electronic engineer in a British company where one of his tasks was monitoring the communication center.

Abu al-Baraa al-Tunisi and Abu Fadel al-Lubnani hold strange specialization that are far from Isis’s atmosphere (a diploma in tourism studies and hotel management). The electronic document confirms that Abu al-Yasaa who lived in Canada for 13 years studied psychology, and Abu Musa al-Kanadi worked as a chemical engineer which is a more than vital specialization for Isis and its activities.

Some of the persons whose data is included in the document practice different sports. Mohammad from Kyrgyzstan holds a black belt in Taekwondo. Similarly, Abu Yaqin al-Tunisi, Jalal el-Din, and Abu Baro who came from France practice Thai wrestling and wrestling. Saif Allah al-Chechani handles training for the wrestling. Wrestling is practiced by all of Dawood al-Kazakhstan and Saif al-Islam al-Turki. Abu Jihad who came from Germany is a professional kickboxer and the document says he has reached an advanced level in sport. It also says Abu Abdullah holds the title of champion of Tatarstan for karate.

In the field of languages, a large number of the fighters who joined the camp know two languages or more, such as Abu Hurairah al-Sweedi (26 years of age), Abu Elias al-Belgiki (30 years of age), Abu Omar (Germany), Abu Issa (Belgium), and others.

The field of military experience reveals that around 30% of the members listed in the document had prior fighting experience which most of them gained by serving in armies in their countries (Russian, Turkish, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Azeri, Dagestani armies…), or through their prior presence in military factions active in Syria (al-Nusra Front, Jaish Mohammad, Ahrar ash-Sham…) or through fighting experiences in different countries (Libya, Afghanistan, Pakistan…)

Of the noteworthy military experiences, the document points to, Abu Omar al-Muhajir, Abu Saad, Abu Huthaf al-Azari who served in the Saudi army for 10, 9, and 7 years consecutively.

Abu Saleemeh al-Chechani gained his military experience in the naval artillery force in the Russian army where he served for two years. Whereas Abu Salah al-Din al-Uzbeki served for 6 years in special forces unit (elite forces).

Al-Zubyr al-Turkistani gained his fighting experience by serving in the Chinese army for two years as part of the tank corps. Whereas Abu Dhar al-Mosuli left the Iraqi army, specifically the army security, to work as a trainer for “Tawhid and Jihad Group” established by Abu Musab al-Zarqawi which served as the first seeds for the Islamic State of Iraq which then became Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant before it announced itself as the Caliphate State.

The military experience field celebrates some of the fighting members’ skills in using different weapons and booby-trapping. However, the strangest information included in the field is information concerning each of Abu Bakr, coming from Turkey, and Saif Allah, coming from Ingushetia.

The document indicates that Abu Bakr, who is 33 years of age, gained his fighting experience by serving in the ranks of North Atlantic Alliance (NATO) for 18 months, whereas the Russian mafia shaped Saif Allah’s (26 years of age) experience while he was a member in it prior to joining Isis.

More to follow in Zaman al-Wasl's exclusive series of ‘infiltrating the core’ of the Islamic State's personal data. 

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