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Ex-ISIS fighter, mentioned in leaked data, started new life in Sweden: newspaper

Translation by Yusra Ahmed

(Zaman Al Wasl)- One of the most popular newspaper in Sweden has published a long report about Swedish jihadists who joined the Islamic State in Syrian in collaboration with Zaman al-Wasl. A report confirmed the authenticity of ISIS leaked documents.

Expressen newspaper, in 6-page-report, has tracked the Swedish fighters who returned home and who had connections with terrorist attacks in Europe.

One the Swedish fighters, who returned home, has already started anew life, said
Journalist Diamant Salihu who participated in writing the report. Salihu kept the ex-jihadist name anonymous.

Personal data of 122 ISIS suicide bombers: Zaman Al Wasl

He stayed in Syria for two weeks, according to his ISIS registration form that
was issued between 2013-2014.

The report said about 300 people hold the Swedish citizenship had joined the Islamic State and other organizations listed on terrorism list.

Zaman Al Wasl had exclusively obtained the personal data of 1736 ISIS fighters from over 40 countries, including their backgrounds, nationalities and hometown addresses. 72% of them were Arabs, 1.7% were Syrians, main ISIS fighters' nationalities were Saudi (25%), Tunisian, Moroccan and Egyptian. Turkish fighters took the lead among ISIS foreign fighters, French came next.


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