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Profile: ISIS data in-charge who recruited two thirds of group's militants

Writing by Ethar Abul Haq

(Zaman Al Wasl)- The name of Abu Mohamed al-Shimali, the key actor in attracting and recruiting thousands of Islamic State remembers, has been mentioned around 6500 times in the leaked Isis archive obtained by Zaman al-Wasl.

Abu Mohamed al-Shimali who is wanted as much as Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and Abu Mohamed al-Adanani the minister of propaganda by the United States. The United States listed him as one of the most wanted and allocated 5 million dollars to whoever can give information about him or arrest him.

The United States introduced the man as “the borders chief of Islamic State in Iraq and Syria”. However, the mission of the man, the exceptional repetition in the Isis documents explains, seems more dangerous and more important for an organization whose first goal is to recruit more fighters from different nationalities and regions to gain an international character.

There is no doubt al-Baghdadi choose Tarad Mohamed al-Jaraba who is called Abu Mohamed al-Shimali to be head of the “general administration of borders”. The documents indicate that al-Shimali has capacities, expertise, and a wide network of contacts. These together qualified him for this sensitive post without any competition from anyone else.

-His role exceeds his post-

Zaman al-Wasl owns a huge archive of Isis fighters’ data which has more than 18000 documents. Al-Shimali’s name is repeated 6384 times as the “mediator” who thousands of Isis members applied through to join the organization from different nationalities around the world.

The number signifies that al-Shimali alone is responsible for recruiting more than a third of fighters who joined Isis in 2013 and 2014 which is the period covered by the archive. We believe this percentage is enough without further commentary to reveal the role and influence of al-Shimali in Isis.

Al-Shimali is born in Iraq in the late 70s. He holds a Saudi citizenship. The Isis archive confirms his role exceeds his post as a senior official in borders control. His post includes what we may call recruitment and external coordination affairs.

Al-Shimali has no competition in the field of propaganda, recruiting and transboundary coordination. The man is ranked first in the names mentioned in Isis archive with a big difference from next figures in line. The most popular personality after him according to the documents, its name is only mentioned ten times in best cases.

According to the documents, al-Shimali was active on the Turkish Syrian borders which extend for 850 kilometers. But the most prominent stations for him were Azaz and Jarablus cross points. Thousands of Isis fighters came in from these cross points to join Isis via al-Shimali.

Al-Shimali is also distinguished in his insistence to live away from publicity even on Isis websites. He never appeared in a footage or photos although other influential figures in the organizations appeared in public like Isis head Abu Bakir al-Baghdadi.

All photos related to al-Shimali are probably taken from the Saudi official archive when he was issuing a passport.


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