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Syrian regime armed PKK and facilitated attacks against Turkey: new leaks

Translation by Rana Abdul

(Zaman Al Wasl)- New documents issued by the Syrian regime have revealed the strong bonds between Damascus and the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and its Syria's wing, the Democratic Union Party (PYD).

 The connection is reflected in different forms of cooperation in arming and training, joint fighting and coordination to carry out terror attacks in Turkey by providing logistic an intelligence assistance.

The documents recently obtained by Zaman al-Wasl and issued from top level intelligence and military sections in the regime represents one of irrefutable evidences of Bashar al-Assad involvement in supporting a terrorist organization even according to Washington listing.

Washington still defends its stand in backing PYD militia trying to make it seem different from PKK militia; however, the documents prove PKK and PYD are one organization with two different names.

Zaman al-Wasl will publish the documents with dates and names of signers on the documents to reveal for the first time and in official evidence the strong connection and complex one between Assad regime and PKK militia.

The documents will also shed light on the influential role played by regime intelligence in striking Turkey’s security via blasting operations which killed and injured thousands during the past few years.

-Trucks transport weapons instead of wheat-

Our first report includes a document signed by Major General Muhi al-Deen Ramadan Mansour, the chief of regime special forces unit. The document is signed on August 6 2014 and directed to Air Landing Division number 54 through sequence addressıng Division 17 leadership which major general belong to.

The top confidential documents literally states, “based on the leadership orders, we ask you to work to provide PKK with ten pieces of SAMEL-M from your warehouse. You should pay attention that the delivery process should not take place in the warehouses inside the division, but should be transported to them with artillery shells and required ammunition in trucks from Qamishli grains branch with military drivers. You should be careful during transportation and inform us directly of any observance.”

The Shmel-M in the correspondence is the flamethrower rocket launcher prepared to destroyed light-shielded vehicles and bunkers and start fire in them.
Shmel-M is a man-portable rocket launcher. İt has a firing range between 400 and 600 M. The long range can reach 1700 M. It was developed a decade ago a Russian manufacturing company known as KBP (The weapon and its uses).

Syrian regime army used Shmel-M in different battles against the Syrian population and rebels. The uses of the weapons are documented in a footage broadcasted by Syrian National Defense (NDF) late 2015 following capture of al-Nubeh mountains in Latakia countryside (2.39 minutes in the footage).

Major General Muhi al-Deen Mansour assumed the post of chief of special forces, one of the striking wings of the regime until May 2015 when he was killed in Idlib liberation battle by Jaish al-Fateh.

-We participate with them in battles-

In the same context, a document issued from Air Landing Division 54 leadership Brigadier General Mohamed Maha directed to Division 17 leader and dated January 12 2015 explained executing orders of the division leader to deliver PKK weapons and different ammunition.

The confidential documents states literally, “leader of 17 Division ground forces a respond to your document number 19235 in 24/12/2014, weapons and ammunition required in your document were delivered to PKK delegate Abul Ghani Habou. Currently, we participate in the southern front in the city.”

The sentence”we participate in the southern front from the city” points out to PKK militia fighting with regime forces and its other militias in Qamishli city.

Maha assumes the post of leader of Air Landing Division 45 subordinate to speial forces and stationed south of Qamishli . The division has alwayas been a place to train and graduate different militias in different names. The division’s leader Maha was among the well-chosen officers to lead regime forces convoys. His name was mentioned in a mission order issued by Bashar al-Assad himself in 07/03/2012. The convoy included 75 vehicles.

Zaman al-Wasl published a year ago confidential documents including 15 movement orders signed by former Minister of Defense Dawud Rajha by authorization from Bashal al-Assad. The documents reveal the huge size of forces moved by the regime between the provinces to suppress the revolution. The regime moved during 30 days more than 900 vehicles (see the report).

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