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Kilo: Syrian Crisis is bigger than Bashar al-Assad

Local | 2013-06-06 00:00:00
Kilo: Syrian Crisis is bigger than Bashar al-Assad
   Kilo:I will quit if Coalition not independent in its decisions and performance

Istanbul- Micheal Kilo, the new member of the Syrian National Coalition considered that the recent expansion is expressing the Syrian national will. He pledged in a statement to "Zaman Alwasl," to quit from the coalition if it is not independent in its decisions and performance, pointing out that the position of ' President' of the Coalition is not a priority and he is not looking forward to it, stressing that the work on the ground is more important to have than any other business.

 ''I call on all parties to work seriously and collectively for the success of the work of the coalition,'' Kilo said, revealing that he would propose the Charter of National Action, expressing his hope to be accepted by opposition figures, without disclosing  any details.

 The head of democratic Rally, the new stance in National Coalition, criticized also the sounds that accused him of creating bloc of Secular- Alawites within the coalition. He stressed  that as an educator and political opponent will not burn himself by sectarianism or positions.

 In his characterization of the Syrian crisis,  kilo said it's wrong to limit the crisis by  Bashar al-Assad as a person, pointing out that it is also a crisis of a nation and society and authority. ''We have to come over successfully as soon as possible to build the democratic Syria on the ruins of the current system.'' Kilo concluded.

Zaman Alwasl
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