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Data of Ali Omar, captured Kuwaiti jihadist: ISIS leaks

#ISIS Leaks | 2016-07-08 21:17:45
Data of Ali Omar, captured Kuwaiti jihadist: ISIS leaks
(Zaman al-Wasl)- Few days only passed after the recapture of ex-ISIS fighter by Kuwaiti authorities that he confessed confidential information related to ISIS especially ISIS connection with Assad regime and Iran along with ISIS marketing oil, the main source of ISIS income.

Kuwaiti al-Jareede Newspaper reported some of the “fascinating” confessions of Ali Omar nicknamed as Abu Turab confirming that Ali Omar “attended personally coordination meetings with bodies representing Assad regime and Iranian intelligence.” It is a very dangerous confession coming from ISIS significant member.

So who is Ali Omar which Kuwaiti intelligence thought of as precious hunt and whose confessions, some published, confirm the expectations?


Zaman al-Wasl investigated ISIS archive and found this precious hunt is only Ali Mohamed Omar al-Usaymi according to ISIS registration data form regulated by General Administration of Borders. The registration form is filled by new joiners as soon as they enter Syrian lands.

According to the form, the Ali’s nickname is Abu Turab al-Kuwaiti. His mother’s name is Husa (Zaman al-Wasl indicates al-Jareeda newspaper published his mother’s full name).

The fourth field in the registration form says his blood type is O+ and his date of birth 03/12/1988 and national of Kuwait.

According to the form, al-Usayimi is single; however, he got married after entering Syria with a Syrian woman and had one child. His address is al-Umayiriya/ Kita 3 street 101 No 3 and his education; he was a navy officer in England.

The registration form shows that Abu Turab entered Syria on April 16 2014 via al-Raee cross point in Aleppo countryside by the recommendation of Thuban al-Ghamdi and his entrance was facilitated by Abu Ilyas al-Maghribi.

Al-Usyaimi did not mention any contact details, but he only pointed to Mudafet al-Akhawat, his mother, which confirms what Kuwaiti press said that his mother is involved for real in propaganda for ISIS and recruiting young men.

 -Treasure of information-

To return to what al-Jareeda reported on behalf of senior officials, al-Usayimi confirmed ISIS has a good connection with Assad regime and Iranian intelligence, and he confessed he personally attended coordination meetings with Assad regime and Iran intelligence.

Al-Jareeda indicated Kuwaiti authorities arrested al-Usayimi with his mother Husa Mohamed. The two revealed a treasure of intelligence information which amazed the International Coalition against ISIS.

Abu Turab revealed to the intelligence how ISIS smuggles oil and sells it in black market of regional countries and international traders. He mentioned names of individuals involved in this trade.

Abu Turab’s statements are important because he was one of the ones responsible for exporting oil in ISIS-controlled oil fields in Syria and Iraq. He estimated the number of Kuwaiti and al-Bidoun fighting with ISIS in Syria and Iraq to be around 100 persons.

Al-Bidounis a Kuwaiti terminology called on persons who do not hold Kuwaiti citizenship or any other citizenship.

Zaman al-Wasl owns documents which reveal tens of Kuwaiti persons recruited in ISIS as new joiners as well as key persons who recruited others in ISIS.

Abu Turab pointed out in his confessions that Kuwaitis and Bidoun who joined ISIS have exited Kuwait on different pretexts including, Going for Umra, study, tourism in Turkey. He confirmed there are no Kuwaiti females in ISIS except for his mother who returned with him.

Also, he added the leadership of ISIS in Syria are Iraqis and that most of ISIS members are from Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria in addition to Saudis.

-Incited by the mother-

ISIS choose al-Usayimi to assume an important post in oil sector because he speaks excellent English and to invest in his field of study. The young man was about to graduate from one of the most important navy academies in England, South Tyneside College for Navy Studies. He was supposed to by employed in Kuwaiti Oil company, but he dropped off school and his dream job to join ISIS.

Talks about al-Usayimi circulated in last May after his joined ISIS. Back then, military experts warned of ISIS using his expertise to launch terrorist attacks.

Back then, his uncle explained al-Usayimi was affected a lot with killing of his small brother during fighting with extremists adding “he seemed a different person after his brother was killed. He would not talk to everyone like before. He was used to call his family every two weeks and he visited them end of 2013 and that was the last time they heard of him.”

Kuwait ministry of interior announced late Monday arrest of al-Usayimi. They brouth him from abroad was his mother, Husa Mohamed (born in 1964) in addition to his child born in Raqqa from his Syrian wife.

The ministry of interior said al-Usayimi confessed he joined ISIS with his mother under his mother’s incitement. He explained she pushed her small son first Abduallh, born in 1991, to join ISIS. He was killed during his terrorist battles in Iraq. Later on, Ali Omar dropped off his school in England to go with his mother to ISIS in Raqqa.

He assumed a post related to oil and gas fields while his mother was teaching wives and sons of the terrorists and to motivate them psychologically and intellectually.
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