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New French movie addresses racism against Syrian refugees in Europe

Culture | 2016-09-14 02:58:59
New French movie addresses racism against Syrian refugees in Europe
By Faris Rifai

(Zaman Al Wasl)- Actor Wasim Majid starred as the lead actor in the French film Syrian which recounts in the language of high end cinema one of the stories of the thousands of the suffering of Syrian refugees crossing to Europe on a daily basis.

The film approximates some of the prominent ideas about migration, refugees and the racist turn which has started to rise to the surface in Europe with the increasing arrival of refugees. The film tells the story of a Syrian refugee who arrives to the area of Vaucluse and is trying to go to Avignon, but he meets a French farmer named Bob who speaks Arabic and who helps him after an initial period of aversion towards him.

The young Syrian actor described his participation in the film as amazing especially as it is a 100% French film but in the Arabic tongue. He added in the statement to Zaman al-Wasl, that the film gave him the opportunity to get to know the city of Avignon which is considered the symbol of theater in Europe, the roots of French culture, and he has gained, as he says, a greater understanding of Europeans and their fears about the refugee issue.

He indicated that the French artistic vision for the film Syrian is represented by casting light on the demands of Syrian refugees today, and of them the minimum humane living. As well as finding a job opportunity anywhere in this world to protect their women and children from a certain death or a life-long prison sentence. He added, “the film brings closer the problems of refugees in searching for those who speak Arabic among the residents of Europe.”

The hero of the movie continued, “this vision expresses a positive indicator that the European society is starting to understand the Syrian situation, and one of the indicators even if somewhat extreme is the film Syrian.”

About the challenges that he faced before and during his participation in the film, our speaker indicated that the first problem he faced was the language factor only because he does not speak French. He indicated that the French actor Yves Morard who participated in the film speaks broken Arabic while the director spoke French and knew some English phrases.

Majid overcome these obstacles as he said, due to his artistic work in each of Syria and the United Arab Emirates as cinema was the language which united all the film crew.

Yves Maurer who participated in the film Syrian is an amateur actor and wine producer who worked for 25 years in the Bekaa Valley in Lebanon and participated in producing fine wines such as Kafraya, Kouroum, and Clos St Thomas Lebanon.
In Lebanon, Morard learned Arabic to be able to speak during his work, and despite the war Yves remained in Lebanon producing wine under fire. In 2001, Yves returned to France to invest in his father’s land, and he participated in the film, because he- as Majid said- loves to act and it was an opportunity to work as a professional actor indicating that, “acting is a human trait and there is no creature on earth who cannot act.”
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