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New ISIS leaks show oil business

#ISIS Leaks | 2017-01-23 19:58:08
New ISIS leaks show oil business
(Zaman Al Wasl) Exclusive- Zaman Al Wasl exclusively obtains new batch of ISIS data, including the inner circle correspondents and names of the leading commanders and their duties and tasks.

Newly leaked ISIS data shows how the CALIPHATE manages it's oil business.

The leaked data has revealed how ISIS manages its caliphate business and warfare, including orders of executions, names of commanders and their backgrounds, their inner correspondents, ‘oil refunds, ISIS’ elite commanders who role the caliphate.

Also, a new data of EU jihadists has been obtained, including data of Britons, French, Belgians and Swedish, besides names of jihadist from Australia, China, Turkey  and Arab states.

The document that issued in 2015 have also revealed the names of ISIS detainees and their sentences.

 ISIS death and imprisonment sentences issued for cases of killing, robbery, homosexuality, smoking, infidelity, leaving prayers. The hand-write documents mentioned the sentences periods and the prison place and province.

Most remarkably that Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is relying on a group of Emirs to handle his ‘Islamic Empire’ 

al-Dawawin or the Divan, or the legislative councils of ISIS, show a semi-state papers where everything is under control. ISIS has its own ‘ ministries of health, endowments, economy.

 Some documents were stamped by al-Baghdadi himself.

The Central Divan of ISIS that based in Raqqa has issued many decisions specify the mechanism of managing the ‘State’ resources.

One of the ISIS documents was written in Russian language, addressing the jihadist from former Soviet union states. Maps and designs for Russian ships and fighter jets were also found.


In January 2016, Zaman Al Wasl exclusively obtained the personal data of 1736 ISIS fighters from over 40 countries, including their backgrounds, nationalities and hometown addresses.

The document that branded by ISIS as confidential is shedding the light on the inner circle of the de facto a state which has its own institutions and official documents as well data bank.

Two thirds of ISIS manpower were from Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Morocco and Egypt. 25% of ISIS fighters are Saudis, the data disclosed.

While Turkish fighters have taken the lead among ISIS foreign fighters, French fighters come next.

Syrians were just 1.7 % of the total number of fighters. The Iraqis make 1.2.

Expert told Zaman al-Wasl that Iraqis and Jordanians can make the backbone of ISIS but most of them are based in Mosul and ISIS-controlled areas in Ramadi.

The most notably that ISIS fighters do not know the real names of their fellow fighters since they used to have code names, or names de guerre, and for security issues they have been obliged to follow high ranks of secrecy.

The documents have been written and organized by the General Directorate of Borders, an ISIS body tracks all Jihadists data.

The data document is including 23 questions, starting with the Jihadist's first name, last name, code name, date of birth and nationality. The jihadist who cross the the Islamic State's borders for the first time is ought to acknowledge the Borders Administration everything about himself, even what he wants to be in ISIS, a fighter or a suicide bomber.

The document is similar to the intelligence data form that should include everything about the jihadist. All activists he did, countries he visited, professions he served.

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