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ISIS landmines still a threat for residents of Manbij

(Zaman Al Wasl)- Yazan, 10-year-old boy, lost his left eye in an ISIS landmine explosion in the northern city of Manbij weeks ago, such an accident that has been repeating in the ISIS-freed areas.

 Despite ISIS withdrawal or retreat in the Syrian north, its danger still roaming by hundreds of landmines. Many people, especially children, have lost their liver or lost their hands and legs in landmines explosions.

Yazan was taken to a hospital in Qamishli, then he was transferred to Damascus, where his parents were told that it would have been almost impossible to return his sight, but fixing a special kinds of operation to implant lenses might be of some help, but the operation cost 6.5 million Syrian pounds, which are not affordable by his parents.

Moreover, the parents were told that the operation is performed better in Turkey, but still parents were no able to cover the cost of traveling and treatment.

Yazan lives in refugees camps at Turkish boarders, very sad, cries a lot, hoping that he would regain his sight and begging people to help him in achieving that.
Activist reported that about 12,000 mines were deactivated in the Menbij and countryside since recapturing it by the Islamic State.

Mahmoud Ghadir, Manbij-based activist, said mines had killed at least 170 people and caused injuries and amputation for 150 more, a third of them children an 4 of the same family, few months ago, near the Mosque of Sheikh Aqil, after leaving the areas controlled by ISIS to areas of Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in Menbij.

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