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New ISIS document reveals group's electronic warfare projects

#ISIS Leaks | 2017-02-19 20:53:04
New ISIS document reveals group's electronic warfare projects
(Zaman Al Wasl)- New document obtained by Zaman al-Wasl reveals Islamic State's warfare projects, including its remote-control car bombs and mine fields and how to use the advanced technology to enhance the caliphate pillars.

The six-page document that issued by
the group's Research and Development Division highlights some of the Division’s projects and its aims.

The document begins by stating the Division’s task which stems from the Quranic verse, [And prepare against them whatever you are able of power
] Chapter (8) sūrat l-anfāl (The Spoils of War) before giving a brief overview of the 19 previous projects executed by the Division.

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Zaman al-Wasl obtained a series of confidential Islamic State documents that discuss different aspects of the organization’s work such as finances, its fighters’ identities and intelligence documents. The document concerning the research and development division is the first of its kind to come to public view. 

The main project was designing a remotely controlled vehicle to carry explosive material and serve as a car bomb. The vehicle could be detonated at a distance of 20 kilometers away. They built a self-exploding system that can be activated at need.

The Division also designed miniature explosive vehicles for multiple tasks. Some of the miniature vehicles can carry up to 150 kilograms of explosives. Others are specialized in planting mines and are equipped with a camera and an infra-red projector for long range night vision. Also, the Division designed an advanced mine control system which enables operatives to detonate all the mines planted in a single field simultaneously. They developed the system for different types of mines, those activated by touch or radio frequencies.

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In the 11th paragraph, the Division explain that they were able to prepare batteries and chargers for different types of rockets: BGM-71 TOW, Malyutka (AT3-Sagger), and Strela (UR-100). The cells were tested on rockets that were semi-halted, and the rockets relaunched successfully even hitting the assigned target. In later sections, the document presents the Research and Development Division’s several projects to counter the ongoing International Coalition air force campaign against the Islamic State. The projects include “developing an electronically timed GRAD missile or locally produced rocket to explode it in the air and test it as an anti-aircraft weapon.”

Another project being developed is, “A robot which simulates heavy weaponry and is distinguished by its self-operation, it has solar panels to charge, and operates for 24-hour at a low cost. The robot is supposed to serve as a decoy and distract the targeting airplanes.”

The division manufactures not only explosive devices and vehicles but also develops anti-explosive devices. The document mentioned the division developed, “A device to prevent the detonation of improvised explosive devices.

The device is attached to the underside of the vehicle. If an apostate places an explosive device in the vehicle, the first device gives a warning signal to the car owner of the existence of an improvised device. The warning can be visual or sound based depending on need.”

The division ends its listing of its accomplishments by indicating that a group of
projects including remote missile guidance, accurate and remote machine gun guidance and an automatic steering system for artillery weapons are being developed. Similar to the research and development divisions in weapon companies, the division identifies several targets it is seeking to achieve such as manufacturing highly explosive material, manufacturing mortar rocket and rocket fillings, manufacturing rockets using liquid fuel, developing a project to obstruct night and heat optics. In addition to, manufacturing suits to absorb and redistribute body heat, and tunnel diggers that resemble international tunnel diggers.

Zaman al-Wasl notes that it refrained from mentioning certain details included in the document which may be used by people to execute the division’s designs. This document is the first official indication of the Islamic State’s advancement regarding weapon research and technologies.

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