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Even Assad Thugs 'Shabiha' Find Refuge In Germany- Report

Top Secret | 2017-09-26 02:12:25
Even Assad Thugs 'Shabiha' Find Refuge In Germany- Report
(Zaman Al Wasl)- “We kill you and displace you there [in Syria] we watch you and steal your chances here [In Europe] this is what pro-Assad Shabiha who mingled with Syrian refugees is doing right now in many European countries which gave asylum to hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees.

As the Syrian diaspora surged Assad loyalists who always threatened to burn the country if Assad leaves power, made use of the open- borders European policy and sneaked into many EU countries claiming that they were victims of war who needed protection. 
In Germany, the country that opened its doors wide to welcome Syrian refugees fleeing Assad regime atrocities and torture chambers, many of torture victims or their family members face the growing threat of Assad Shabiha and thugs who also managed to sneak out of the country and get asylum as refugees that deserve protection. 

Being unaware of the country’s legal system or unwilling to cause any problems, many victims resort to silence or avoid any contact with their torturers despite feeling bitter and angry. However, some complaints were made and submitted to the German authorities which in turn didn’t move a nerve or brought any of the suspects to justice.

Worst of all is the fact that these Shabiha are making regular trips to Syria where they stay for some time then come back to their host countries.

These shuttle trips between Syria and Germany should legally make those Shabiha ineligible to enjoy their current status as refugees any more since they can go there without being questioned besides there is no longer any threat to their lives in their original country; however, they go to regime-dominated areas, come back to Germany under the sight of the German Police which surprisingly didn’t take any action. 

In some cases pro-Assad Shabiha visiting Syria take indirect ways by which they intentionally misguide German authorities which in turn demand complainants to submit their proofs on their claims about those indirect visits. 

Zaman Al-Wasl team managed to investigate one of these cases in which a pro-Assad senior member of one of the regime gangs in Aleppo, Muhammad Abdul Kareem Hazori sent his elder son Abdul Kareem in 2015 to Germany to seek asylum. 

Going into details of this case Abdul Kareem left Syria to Turkey on 17 of September 2015 then two days later, he boarded a dinghy with other refugees and arrived to Greece where he spent few days before setting off to Germany which he arrived to in October 2015.

Abdul Kareem succeeded in convincing the German authorities that he was a victim that deserved protection and was granted a 3-year residence permit which surprisingly wasn’t granted to real torture victims of Assad’s thugs.

In June of this year Abdul Kareem travelled indirectly to Syria through Iran. He stayed two months in regime- dominated areas where he openly showed his support to Assad regime.

In August 22 Abdul Kareem, and via a private Facebook group, asked about the possible ways to leave Syria to Germany through Lebanon and Greece expressing his personal fears that German authorities may realize his trick and deception.

On September 7, Abdul Kareem arrived to Lebanon, Zaman Al-Wasl has a video recording in which he tells one of his friends that he has arrived to Beirut which he left in the next day to complete his journey before arriving Germany on September 23.

Going back to Abdul Kareem and his family’s involvement in supporting Assad regime, we find that Hazoris’ were among the most loyal groups that propped up Assad and carried out many dirty operations against peaceful protestors in Aleppo back in 2011 and afterwards. 

Abdul Kareem’s father Muhamad was among the first echelon of Assad regime controlling the city Aleppo. Muhamad was a senior member in Aleppo Municipality besides his work in Aleppo Endowment Directorate and Sports Union. A photo taken last spring shows Muhamad Hazori being honored by Ammar al-Assad.  

Hazoris who come originally from Abu Taltal, a small village in Aleppo Eastern countryside known to be one of Assad strongholds in area joined Shabiha groups and used arms and guns and had their own detention centers where they tortured protestors. Some others were senior members in Assad government and People’s Assembly.

Muhamad Hazori was appointed as a member in Assad’s so called People’s Assembly in April 2016 then was upgraded to be the governor of Hama city who represent Assad authority in the city.

Abdul Kareem joined his father and other family members and had a pistol when he was even 15-year-old and wore fatigues and other military uniforms as many photos that Zaman Al-Wasl has in its possession. Abdul Kareem might be indirectly involved in torture inflicted on protestors early in 2012 and 2013. 

 Building on these facts Zaman Al-Wasl team members working on this case express their willingness to submit all these information and other related documents to the German authorities to take necessary action and to prevent Abdul Kareem and others like him from posing a real threat to Assad opponents who live on the German soil as refugees who have really fled their country because of Assad and his supporters and can’t even think of visiting their country like Abdul Kareem Hazori did. (Writing by Ethar Abdulhaq; Translation by Jamal Mamo)
Zaman Al Wasl
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