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Border Force seeks no divide in Syria, Turkish offensive immoral: Co-head of Democratic Council- Interview

Co-chairman of the Syrian Democratic Council (SDC) Riad Darar

(Zaman Al Wasl)- Co-chairman of the Syrian Democratic Council (SDC) Riad Darar rejected the idea that the "border security forces" that the Washington-led International Coalition intends to establish in Syria is means to divide Syria. 

The International Coalation against Islamic State announced on Sunday that " it is working in cooperation with the armed factions under his team in Syria to form a new security force for deployment on the Syrian border with Turkey and Iraq and eastern Euphrates."

Riad Darar told Zaman al-Wasl that "the forces that will be trained are about 30,000, whose goal is to protect all borders from the return of terrorists and their entry into the areas after being expelled from them. Many terrorists enter through the Iraqi or Turkish borders and some are in areas controlled by factions.

He added, "terrorism can return in one way or another to sabotage in the border areas, and so protecting these areas after the liberation from Islamic State is security necessity. He noted that "these areas need protection because it will begin reconstruction and reconstruction of infrastructure and there are diplomats and politicians who will come and they need protection. Reconstruction work will be great and development of areas so that population can return. So the area can be in service of future Syria when settlement will take place and there is no other intention to form any security force aiming for division of Syria. 

Regarding the media escalation between the United States and Russia, where the latter vowed to take the "appropriate response" to the formation of the United States "border security force," Riad Darar said, "I think that the objective of this escalation is to draw the boundaries of the relationship between the existing forces in Syria especially Russia and the United States. Both are escalating to draw the boundaries to counter the other party. The regional forces Iran and Turkey stand with Russia."

"After the elimination of Islamic State, it was certain that the confrontation will happen and it has started," said Co-chairman of (SDC).

Concerning the Turkish military escalation towards Afrin, Riad Darar said, “ Turks are escalating in order to gain their share of the Syrian cake, Afrin does not threaten them and all the forces in it is to protect them from attacks by factions that threatened more than once in Aleppo or Afrin Kurdish areas. Turkey wants to control using its model of Islamic ideology and it is rejected. This model has always been a subject and has not worked clearly for a unified Syria. The Islamist factions seek to commit to partition away from the unified Syrian model.

Darar said the factions are connected with the Turkish interests and tried to promote Turkey inside Syria and this is unacceptable, noting that the current Turkish escalation toward Afrin does not carry a green light for entry, and if they entered there will be a confrontation not less than Kobani. This is not in Turkey's interests neither morally nor militarily, and I think it will be a loser."

At the same time, he stressed that "every escalation will be met with escalation and every freeze for killing will be greeted with understanding and stop bloodshed anywhere."

On the other hand, Riad Darar denied (SDC) has received an official invitation to attend Sochi Conference.

"We also have not received direct invitations, there are personal invitations to some individuals, there is no call for the Syrian Democratic Forces by name," adding that the ceremonial form of Sochi is aimed at the Russian elections and to announce a form of victory attributed to Russian President Vladimir Putin, Darar clarified.

"What can be produced by Sochi is the formation of two committees; one for the constitution and another for the elections, and this could be done without this festive form," he said. "We cannot say that Sochi is the place of success of the political process in Syria in any way." (By Hussein al-Zoubi)

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