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Reconstruction Cake: EU States Plan to Rebuild in Homs, Damascus

Business | 2018-02-09 14:01:00
Reconstruction Cake: EU States Plan to Rebuild in Homs, Damascus

By Abdullah Ghadawi

(Zaman al-Wasl)- Sources in the Syrian opposition revealed that economic projects have been promised to Britain and France in Syria, pointing out that these European countries have placed their political and economic interests in Syria, especially regarding reconstruction, above all other considerations.

According to the source, Germany is looking forward to contracts in Homs city specifically. Germany plans for Siemens to win one of the contracts in Syria, especially in the fields of energy and electricity, in light of the of forecasted reconstruction. Syria’s reconstruction then will happen under the eyes of several Western countries.

Britain is looking forward to its share of the reconstruction process. Talks about the issue have been held with people close to the regime in London. 

A reliable source for Zaman Al-Wasl said that a famous Syrian businessman in Britain is the mediator in this matter. Based on the preliminary data, British companies will work on the reconstruction of Damascus suburbs. However, these reconstruction plans require an international consensus, especially with Russia, as all states turn to it where Syria is concerned.

In this context, British political language against al-Assad has started reducing, and the British authorities refused to put a case against the al-Assad regime even after it was proven that Abbas Khan a British citizen died under torture in al-Assad’s prisons. Also, a British parliamentary delegation visited the regime in late 2017 in an attempt to maintain relations with the regime.

According to Zaman al-Wasl’s information, France’s share will be areas behind al-Razi according to the reconstruction plan other than some areas such as al-Mouathmiya and other areas which have not yet crystallized.

A source in the Syrian opposition explained that European views were closer to the Russian side based on their shared interest and the possibility of benefiting from post-war Syria. The source pointed out that European countries seem more pragmatic after talk about al-Assad's departure at the international level disappeared.
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