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Military Intelligence tortured Amer Abazid to death: leaked data

DETAINEES | 2018-03-26 04:09:47
Military Intelligence tortured Amer Abazid to death: leaked data
(Zaman Al Wasl)- The leaked data of 1.5 mn Syrians wanted for the Assad regime have been revealing more about the fate of activists and heroes who scarified their lives to make the revolution dream come true even if the peaceful demonstrations turned into brutal war claimed lives of half million people.

Amer Abazid, known as the Revolution Domino, was one of those who were mentioned in the leaked data. 

The prominent activist, who was born in 1962 to an opposition family in southern Daraa province, had joined the revolution from the first days in in March 2011. The Military Intelligence Division in Daraa arrested him in the same year due to an arrest warrant, according to leaked wanted list .

Check your name  Here in the search engine 

His family discovered his death in 2015 through ‘The Caesar Photographs’, where 55,000 torture images of 11,000 detainees taken by a former military policeman between 2011 and 2013 in two military hospitals in Damascus.  The photos showed eye gougings, strangulation and long-term starvation. 
Zaman Al Wasl launched on March 15 a huge  search engine including big official data and names of 1,500,000 people wanted for the Syrian intelligence services, including warrants of arrest, interrogation and travel ban. 
Zaman al-Wasl seeks to shed the light on the fate of the Syrian disappeared and victims of arbitrarily arrest as well as the search engine aims to provide data and information for the local and international human rights organisations and civil rights advocates.   

Zaman al-Wasl, also, will launch a mobile app including names of 2.5 million people wanted for regime. Including names of who are wanted for conscription.

The search is highly confidential and can not be seen by any search engine operator. We use (HTTP) for secure communication which is encrypted by Transport Layer Security (TLS).

The Regime does not update the data of people on the list. Thousadns of them have been tortured to death in security chambers. Few were released. 
Syrians in the refuge countries can have a look in the data to find out if they are listed or any of their relatives. 

More than 470,000 people have been killed and 12 millions have been driven from their homes since Syria's revolution erupted in 2011.

We want to highlight that the huge leak was due our Damascus-based sources who share Zaman al-Wasl the same concerns over the forcibly disappeared and detainees. Zaman al-Wasl is a very grateful for all help by the sources for saving lives of thousands of people whom did not know they were wanted for arrest.
Zaman Al Wasl
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