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Pentagon denies US attacked Syrian air base outside Homs

Local | 2018-04-17 06:07:44
The Pentagon on Monday denied any involvement in an attack on a Syrian air base outside Homs city, not far from where U.S., U.K. and French missiles struck early Saturday morning. 

“There are no US or Coalition operations in that area [Homs]. We don’t have anything additional to provide,” Marine Maj. Adrian Rankine-Galloway, a Pentagon spokesman, said in an email to Fox News.  

The Shayrat Air Base was hit by 59 U.S. Tomahawk cruise missiles last year. 

Syrian state-run television reported early Tuesday that Syrian air defenses have confronted a new "aggression" over Homs, but did not say who carried out the airstrikes.

The U.S., along with the U.K. and France, conducted airstrikes on Saturday in Syria to punish the Assad regime for an apparent chemical weapons attack against civilians.

Defense Secretary Mattis said at the time that no follow-up attacks were planned and that the Pentagon was careful to ensure the safety of Russian troops and Syrian civilians in the area.

Fox News, AP
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